Wegoto connects geographic information systems (GIS) to a multimodal mobility platform, for real time data update and dissemination.

Data updating • Sharing geolocalized maps • Decision aid
Crowdsourcing • Soft mobility help • Public transport access

1- GIS interoperability

Wegoto platform is connected to the Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Wegoto platform is interoperable with all GIS proprietary and open source.

• Using a GIS, no new software to install
• No GIS ? There are solutions under license owners or open source.
Datas update - works on roads - crowdsourcing
Datas temporary update - advertisements works and events on pedestrian roads

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2- Cloud database

Your databases are hosted in the Wegoto cloud.
From your GIS tools, desktops, tablets and smartphones you can access to your Wegoto cloud database. You can view, modify and import datas.
Your Wegoto geographic database is connected to the Wegoto geoservice platform, so changes made to your Wegoto geographic database are immediately reported in geoservices.

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3- Soft navigation aid, Mobile and Web App based in the user profile

Wegoto platform give access to a soft navigation aid application for all users. The application benefits from geoservices adapted to user profiles.

# Profils
•Pedestrian •Manual wheelchair •electric wheelchair •blind •elderly reduced mobility •scooter •wheels luggage •stroller •bike

# Geoservices
• Multimodal route calculation, pedestrian, bike, bus, tramway, underground, train, obstacles and difficulty announcements
• Address search by accessible entrance door, access constraints announcements
• Guiding according profil, with visual and sound interactions
• Points of interests search
• Datas crowdsourcing

Télécharger Wegoto for Android on Google Play or iPhone on App Store

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