Wegoto develops solutions for geographics and topographics datas captation on the ground.

LabTrack : semi-automated collection of pedestrian data

The LabTrack solution is a triptych composed of human - hardware - software.The human manipulates a trolley equipped with sensors as well as the WegotTrack software interface developed by Wegoto.

The trolley loads multiple sensors and Wegoto regularly tests new ones
The LabTrack solution uses accelerometer - Gyroscope - Magnetometer - Range finder- Digital camera - 360° camera - GPS
Sensors are connected to the tablet equipped with WegoTrack software
LTE - WiFi - Bluetooth
The WegoTrack app has an input interface designed as a metaphor of reality allowing a clear and fast capture of collected data
Collected raw datas are sent to Wegoto remote servers.
Need to test your sensors in the field? Wegoto adapts them to LabTrack.

photo du labtrak


Wegoto develops reference tables for all types of user profiles and mobility.

Wegoto produces databases based on profile reference tables that take into account the modes, constraints and mobility preferences of the profile. During a user use, the options of the profile are adapted according to its activity, sport, leisure, daily, tourism, health, work ....

Examples of profiles
Pedestrian movements, navigation
Pedestrians, people with motor or sensory disabilities (in manual wheelchair or electric wheelchair, blind and visually impaired), disabled (aged, pregnant,with luggage, with stroller, ...).
Soft modes
Bicycle, Scooters, rollers, skateboards, ...
Urban modes
Cars, Delivery, carsharing, e-mobility, ...

image des icones de profil