Wegoto produces geolocated databases interoperable with Geographic Information System, mobiles App and Web App.

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Data for multimodal mobility
Creation of a multimodal graph of soft travel. The pedestrian path are connected with the stops of public transportation,with parking spaces automobile, bike, delivery and with the entrance doors buildings
and inclusive data
The collected data allow to feed reference tables of profiles of mobility and so to take into account constraints and preferences of mobility according to the profile,person with reduced mobility or disabled, in smart mobility, in e-mobility, in shared mobility, and preferences, speed, green ways, safety according to the context work, daily, leisure, tourism.


Field data collection

Wegoto collects data from the entire door-to-door exterior travel chain. Data of pedestrian path, sidewalk and crossings of street, pedestrian streets,park and gardens, data urban furniture, point of interest, and entrance doors buildings.

Data collection is made by a semi-automated solution developed by Wegoto, the LabTrack.

# More than 100 criteria for more than 30 data per section and point of geolocation-based path
# Diagnosis of accessibility of the pedestrian public road and entrance door of public building with standards of conformity by disabled profile


GIS data reattaching

Wegoto processes data present within Geographic Information Systems.
Data streets plans reattaching.
Merger of the various datas sources.
Geographical repositioning and requalification of data according to mobility reference tables.


Open data processing

Wegoto processes open data territory.
Open datas are adapted and requalified according to the reference tables benchmark of mobility.
Integration within GIS.
Connecting GIS data from a territory to data from the rest of the world.

Datas of cadastre, transports, OSM ...

open data

Wegoto data

Pedestrian road

Type [sidewalk, crosswalk, pedestrian street, path, shared road, road, stairs] road width, passage width, gradiant, cant, surface [type, quality], obstacles, type of shoulders right and left [road, public transport road, bike path, vegetation, parking, wall, building, house, ditch...], photos...


Length, width, gradiant, cant, ground marking [type, condition], stop walk lights and audible signal [presence, state of functioning, model], surface, islands ... and for each crosswalk side : sidewalk height, acces condition [gradiant, cant, contrasted poles, barriers], tactile warning strips [condition, position, conformity], photos ...

Intrance door

Intrance: type [welcome, service, delivery], door [1 ou 2 leaves, sliding, automatic], handle [circle, other], acces system [call button, interphone, card], width, glass [conformity], opening direction [push, pull, left, right]... Acces: stairway height, ramp [gradiant, landing, railing], elevator... photos...

Urban furnitures - POI

Urban furnitures: bin, billboard, planter boxes, streetlights, sitting benches, standing benches, publics toillets, recygling waste point, mailboxes, parking meter, cash dispensers... Heritage: artwork, trees... Mobility: Parking -car -bike -disabled -delivery -carsharing, e-station, acces public transport...